Dr. Scientist Bit Quest Pedal / Authorized Dealer!

      Dr. Scientist Bit Quest Pedal / Authorized Dealer!
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      Quirky effects in a compact design. Meet the Dr Scientist Bit Quest Multi-Effect Pedal. This highly versatile pedal will expand your sonic arsenal, providing you with eight state-of-the-art high quality, adventurous effects. These can be used either with or without the inclusion of an on board digital fuzz.

      Patches include flangers, filters, a bit-crusher, sample rate reducer, an infinite reverb as well as a deep notch filter and ring modulator. You’ll be free to create the most whacky and extreme soundscapes you can possibly imagine. Thanks to its compact size, the Bit Quest is just as comfortable on-the-road as it is in the studio and can be used on guitar, bass, and synths, as well as, a whole host of musical instruments. Push your sonic boundaries to the limits with the Dr Scientist Bit Quest Multi-Effect Pedal.

      8 custom programmed digital effects in 1 small box
      24 Bit A/D conversion at 32kHz sample rate
      High quality analog signal path
      Premium parts and components throughout
      True Bypass with soft touch relay switching
      Full control over wet/dry mix
      Expression pedal control over CTRL1
      Top mounted audio and power jacks
      Designed and handmade in B.C., Canada

        MusiPlanet Limited is an authorized dealer for Dr. Scientist Pedals. This means your order from MusiPlanet Limited has a valid manufacturer warranty.


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