Carl Martin

ESR was founded in 1990 as a professional PA sound rental company. Shortly after, they began producing custom made audio equipment.

​Their goal from the very beginning was to develop and produce products for the demanding professional musician, with superior sound quality and features not seen in other guitar effect pedals. As a result, our first guitar effect pedal; the Hot Drive’n Boost, was introduced in 1993.

Due to their extensive knowledge of the professional music industry, and their contacts with a wide range of demanding musicians, we have been inspired to maintain a very high quality standard. Carl Martin now have a range of 44 high quality guitar and bass effect pedals, and more to come in the future.

In 2005 Carl Martin released their first handmade, point-to-point tube amplifier… the Custom Shop 50. Their amplifier line now includes guitar heads and cabs, as well as a very well received all tube bass head and cab system.

Each year Carl Martin look at improving their existing pedals either through electronics, cosmetics and physical appearance, plus they continue to look for new products to offer the pro and aspiring musician!

MusiPlanet proudly represent Carl Martin Sound Machines in Hong Kong!