Browne Amplification

Browne Amplification is a guitar, amplification, and guitar effects company based in Kansas City, USA. Browne was birthed out of the desire to make high-quality, durable, and dependable guitar products for the working musician.
For years, Dave Brown (yes, no “e” in Dave’s actual name) was the go-to guy if you needed a vintage amp repaired, your guitar set up the right way or you wanted a custom pedal made in Kansas City.

As a musician and guitar tech for decades, Dave’s reputation preceded him, so when the Protein Dual Overdrive was first released, it found its way quickly into the hands of touring artists everywhere.
Almost overnight, Browne Amplification was the name everyone was talking about, but it was by no means an overnight success. The Protein was years in development and road testing before it ever made its way into the hands of the public.

With the release of the Protein and the T4, the world now has access to the tone, design, and reliability that made Dave a sought after guitar guru.
Browne continues to design and release products that are tools for the working musician focusing on reliability, simplicity, and utility in every product they create.

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