Boomerang Pedals

Boomerang Looper LLC was founded in 1995 and is the first instrument looper ever made. The idea for the Boomerang® Phrase Sampler came from Mike Nelson. After scouring the market for a quality looping device in 1989 and coming up empty handed, Mr. Nelson decided to invent his own looper. With the assistance of Mike’s friend Lee Hardesty they created the first one. Now more than 25 years later, the Boomerang Phrase Sampler models are considered the premiere loopers in the music industry and used by rock stars all over the world such as Ed Sheeran and KT Tunstall. Mike Nelson and Lee Hardesty were the founders and owners of Boomerang from 1995 until they sold the company to Alex Kova in 2017.

Alex Kova is an experienced Rang™ III user and accomplished musician for over 30 years. Alex’s vision is to keep Boomerang’s legacy alive for generations to come and grow the company by expanding the line with future products. The company has been relocated to Southern California where it’s run my Mr. Kova and his team of “Loop Heads”. Alex Kova wants you to have the best user experience possible while giving great customer service. We strive for 100% satisfaction and consider our customers to be part of the Boomerang family.

MusiPlanet proudly represent Boomerang Looper in Hong Kong!