Alexander Radical Delay DX Pedal / Authorized Dealer!

      Alexander Radical Delay DX Pedal / Authorized Dealer!
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      We stuck our classic ‘80s flavored delay in the Betamax and fast-forwarded to the good part. But instead of an eyeful of Phoebe Cates, we discovered the Radical Delay II+.

      The sound you love with more reasons to love it, like updated cosmetics and built-in tap tempo.


      Time (8 D. Q) — Changes the delay time from 0-920ms. In Tap mode, this knob sets the tap tempo subdivision. Left for 8th notes, center for dotted 8ths or right for quarters.

      Repeat — Controls the feedback of the delay. The Radical Delay II+does not self-oscillate, because that does not compute.

      Tweak — Adjusts a different parameter in each mode. See the mode descriptions for full details.

      Mix — Controls the blend between fully dry (clean) to fully wet (repeat only).

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