Dr Scientist Dusk Analog Low Pass Filter Pedal / Authorized Dealer!

Dr Scientist Dusk Analog Low Pass Filter Pedal / Authorized Dealer!
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The best of both worlds. Dr Scientist’s Dusk Analog Low Pass Filter provides you with a classic analog vibe with the hindsight of 21st century digital technology. The result is a highly versatile pedal, designed to speed up your workflow and give you the very best filter modes in a handy, compact design.

When designing the Analog Low Pass Filter, Dr. Scientist wanted the very best in components. At the heart of the pedal lies a pure analog 24dB/Octave low pass filter. This is influenced by the renowned Operational Transconductance Amplifier. The use of old school integrated circuitry empowers you with a premium, powerful filtering effect.

The digital aspects of the pedal allows to control the Analog Low Pass Filter parameters. Make the sound that’s right for you, without compromise, by adjusting the filter settings, tempo, MIDI as well as a choice of six LFOS. Push your sonic boundaries to the limits with Dr Scientist’s Dusk Analog Low Pass Filter.

3 Filter Modes, 6 LFO Waveforms in a small form factor
High quality analog signal path
Premium parts and components throughout
True Bypass with soft touch relay switching
MIDI implementation of all digital controls
Expression pedal/CV control over Filter Cutoff
Top mounted audio and power jacks
Designed and handmade in B.C., Canada

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MusiPlanet Limited is an authorized dealer for Dr. Scientist Pedals. This means your order from MusiPlanet Limited has a valid manufacturer warranty.