Alexander Pedals Superball Pedal / Authorized Dealer!

Alexander Pedals Superball Pedal / Authorized Dealer!
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Modulate Everything! We took the leash off of what started as an experimental delay engine and Superball is what happened.

An uber-flexible LFO, dedicated time sequencing, and resonant low-pass filter combine for the bounciest digital delay oscillations you can imagine.

Warning: We’re not getting this down off your roof if you get it stuck up there.

Superball is a little different from all of our other pedals. While it is basically a great-sounding digital delay, it also goes a lot further than that.
The pedal features an ultra-flexible LFO (low frequency oscillator) that can control all of the delay parameters, in any amount, in any direction. The LFO can run continuously or be set to “bounce” like a real rubber ball.
Top that off with an innovative sequencer that controls only the delay clock, for pitch shifting and time-stretching action, and you’ve got yourself a heck of a fun toy.

Tap the Select button to assign the pedal knobs to one of four control modes:
LO = controls the delay time, repeat, mix, and filter when the LFO is at its low point
HI = controls the delay parameters when the LFO is at max
LFO = knobs change the LFO speed, depth, wave shape, and tap sync or bounce
SEQ = knobs change the sequencer rate, pattern, steps, and tap sync.

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