Boomerang III Phrase Sampler Looper Pedal

Boomerang III Phrase Sampler Looper Pedal


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Whether you’re an ambient explorer or a lead guitar player looking for an easy way to practice your solos, the Boomerang III Phrase Sampler has every option you need without overly complicated menus or excessive on-board FX. This straightforward, high-quality looper pedal records at either 48 kHz or 24 kHz in mono or true stereo, giving you up to four stereo channels of separate loops that you can use in an endless number of ways to fill out your sound and give you the best performance possible.

Four Playback Styles for Every Scenario
What makes the Boomerang III such a flexible looper pedal is its four different playback styles: Serial, Serial Master, Sync, and Free. Serial lets you create individual sections for a song on each of the 4 loop banks (within each loop, you can stack your performances infinitely to create a full section of rhythm, lead, and anything else you want) and then play them back in any order, switching between them by stepping on the button for each bank. It lets you make a verse, chorus, and bridge, and then order them however you want live. Serial Master works the same way, but it allows you to set one loop bank as the master around which all the others play, ideal for creating a rhythm track to play under all of your sections.

In both Sync and Free styles, your loops play back all at once, with one major difference: in Sync style, your loops are locked in place, while in Free style, they are allowed to flow and drift out of place, which lets you create ambient soundscapes that are ever-evolving or even Steve Reich-style phase experiments, all within the confines of your pedalboard.

Options You’ll Actually Use: Undo/Redo, Half Speed Playback, Reverse and More
The options and effects built in to the Boomerang III are catered to the player, giving you the kinds of versatility that you need in a looper. No longer will you have to scrap an entire stacked loop because you made a mistake in one of your overdubs; the Boomerang III allows you to undo or redo on your entire loop, or on the last part of your stacked loop. You can play back a loop at half-speed or an octave lower to create bass parts on the go, or just to slow down a section of a complex riff to practice it and get it right. Reverse will let you play an entire loop backwards, while reverse solo lets you create play something backwards in real-time and on the fly. The “Once” function enables you to play a sample a single time — or keep hitting it to create DJ-like scratch effects.

– Store up to four sampled phrases, which can be stacked upon to create thick, atmospheric loops
– Undo or Redo whole loops or the last part of a stacked loop
– Individual volume knobs for each sample
– Four playback modes: Serial, Serial Master, Sync, and Free, for all different styles
– Built-in effects like reverse and octave
– Copy or erase loops, even while the other loops are playing
– 48 kHz or 24 kHz sample rates, both with 20-bit samples

With up to 35 minutes of mono recording or 17 minutes of stereo recording at 24 kHz, the Boomerang III Phrase Sampler gives you plenty of room to stretch out, sketch ideas, and move things around, all in quality audio that won’t degrade as you stack. Let this cool looper pedal be your new songwriting collaborator and performance partner.


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